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NEW Game «Tap-Tap-Tap»


Do you want to kill some time? It is so easy! All you have to do is TAP-TAP-TAP !!! Are you in the subway, and you are bored? - TAP-TAP-TAP !!! You stand in line? - TAP-TAP-TAP !!! You don't know what to do? - TAP-TAP-TAP !!!Simple and straightforward game, simple controls and a few achievements.That's all you need to spend your time having fun.


Square Space

Welcome to the square space. A world where everything is rectangle: your ship, meteorites, spaceship, enemies and even bullets. But, despite the simplicity of the world, square space is a dangerous place. In this world you have to be very careful and prudent. Every wrong move and you die. Try to get all the achievements, and you will understand how difficult it is.– Easy management!– Two taps on the screen pause the game if you are tired of explosions.– A lot of achievements.


NinjR GO!

You are ninja and your name is NinjRgo. You need to use springs under your feet to jump. Jump from one platform to another, and do not fall in to the sea, or you will die. Show them how far you can go!Warning!!! The game is very addictive!!!


Awesome game

Swimming Submarine

Swimming Submarine Pro


Wars Space